Missouri Bank issues the My Fortiva credit card. People with bad credit can apply. If you qualify, you can build or rebuild your credit score. However, fees and APR are high, and you cannot apply for a card unless you have received an invitation in the mail.MyFortiva
My Fortiva reports to each of the three major credit bureaus. You will find all the details about the My Fortiva account on this page. You must carefully read all the information on this page.

Fortiva Credit Card Payment Instructions

Myfortiva, credit card payment, involves creating an account at My Fortiva login to make other chargeable payments. See how you control your card and have all transactions at your fingertips. Another effective way to use as a customer is with a new fortiva credit card account.

  • Registration for MyFortiva for payment can be done by phone, online, or by email.
  • To make payments using the fortiva app, account holders must first download the app from the app store and the fortiva account center, log in and follow the instructions to complete the payment process on
  • Users can also activate online paying on login fortiva credit card payment. To do this, you must visit the Fortiva homepage and find the option Manage my account by entering your username and password to complete the Fortiva registration process.


  • Then select an account payable, enter the amount, and cancel your bills.
  • Logging into your Fortiva credit card account is the only way to make a Fortiva credit card payment. According to Fortiva, users must have a password and login when accessing the online system.


Fortiva Credit Card Customer Service
Customers can use the above contact details for assistance if there are any issues or questions.
Phone: 800-245-7741
Customer Service Email Address: Write an email to [email protected].
Mail: Fortiva Postal Box 105555
Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5555
Send email online:
Customers can also email Fortiva’s customer service team via its website.